10 unsolved travelling mysteries

I have been watching Sherlock Holmes recently, which in turn got me thinking about some of my own unsolved mysteries

Mystery number 1: How did the small dog in India do the largest fluorescent green runny poo that came out in a perfect square shape?

Mystery number 2: Why did we need to pre-order dinner in Tasmania when it was only 9:45am?

Mystery number 3: How do the goats stay on top of the rapidly moving Indian buses?

Mystery number 4: How does an entire Balinese family of 4,their shopping and small infant stay upright on one small motorbike?

Mystery number 5: How do they make those banana pancakes in Chang Mai taste so good?

Mystery number 6: How do the Japanese push and shove onto the trains in such an organized, polite, civilized way during rush hour?

Mystery number 7: Why is Jaipur in India called the pink city when in actual fact everything is an off orange colour?

Mystery number 8: Why did my husband go to McDonald’s in the USA to get his wife a salad and when they had no salad he asks and I quote ” Ah ok then 20 nuggets please”?

Mystery number 9: What are they selling at the ‘genuine fake watch shop’ in Turkey?

Mystery number 10: What is the purpose or reason behind the ‘shoe tree’ in America (a giant tree entirely covered in shoes)?


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  1. Brilliant. Laughing out loud. Love number 2!

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