Full moon, clear skies, energised Lou

My weekend started with that crazy energy that comes from a full moon. As the workers excitedly made their ways out of their workplaces, there was an extra feeling in the air that only comes with those perfect summery afternoons those afternoons that no matter what sort of week you have had, how many hours you have worked, you suddenly come alive as you step out into that warm air.

The sun appears brighter, the last two hours of sunlight feel like four hours and you feel your body energizing at a rapid and surprising rate. Friday afternoon drinks in an outside bar, watching the world go by, letting your week disapear into the deep recesses of your mind is one of the great feelings in life.

I walked home; my path illuminated by a bright full moon, guiding me home and as I slept under the watchful eye of the moon, I awoke to a brilliant blue sky, and a day that we can only dream about when the skies are angry and grey.

Days like this are special, while we are blessed to have frequent great weather in beautiful Queensland; days like this stand out as they come with a different energy, it is as thought every part of the universe seems to line up to create a perfect world for us to enjoy for a brief moment in time.

The sky is clear, the wind is light, the water is clear, the waves are perfect and the positive energy is ubiquitous, days like these make me want to be everywhere and do everything. Normally I would be heart broken that I did not make it to the beach on a day like this, yet days like this fill me with such joy, there is simply no room for sadness or regret.

Like I said, I live in a lucky country, with great weather yet days like this always catch me off guard, they surprise me with their beauty and they leave me breathless.

As the day is nearing an end, I sit on my front porch, drinking beer, listening to music, I dare not waste a second of this magic. As the sun sets I will cook a bbq and I will cram as much into this day as I possibly can.

I will wait for the moon to appear, and as I fall asleep I will smile at the moon, and be grateful for being a part of such a fulfilling day.








Days like these make me feel alive, the way that traveling does! Days like these fill me so much energy and excitement, they leave me wondering was it real, or was it just a dream!


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