Hi and thanks for visiting. 

My name is Lou, I love to travel. Travelling is my champagne, it adds the bubbles to my life, the bubbles energise me, and that feeling is insatiable.  It is a thirst I just can’t quench, and the longer I leave it in between trips, the flatter I become.

‘Was it all a Dream’ is a collection of my photos and thoughts, of journeys taken and dreams for the future.

Besides; when your life is  a rich tapestry of  ridiculous situations, when doing one foolish thing a day is no longer shocking to your friends – it is time to write a blog!

  1. Louisa,
    I loved your stories! You have a brilliant way with words and a great sense of humour. After reading about your experiences and seeing those amazing photos it makes me want to travel more, to live life and go have an adventure somewhere. Cant wait to hear more!

  2. Lou, you have some amazing stories here and I found it hard to blink whilst reading them! Cant wait to read about your upcoming adventures!

  3. Hi Louisa,

    That is one kick-ass blog! You have a great way with words, very vivid. You’re an inspiration to those of us who lead sedentary lifestyles. Looks like my couch potato days are over! I want to have adventures too, and I especialy want to try those Chang Mai pancakes!

    Will look forward to hearing more about your travels. Keep ’em coming!

  4. Hey Louisa,

    I love your blog. I found reading through your many adventures very refreshing. I share your thirst for travel and adventure and I can relate to the amazing energy that one feels in pursuit of adventure. The world is your oyster….. keep it up!!! Cant wait for more.

  5. More more more more more please!! x x x

  6. Your blog has a new follower 😉

  7. Good to meet you. When I was young. I loved to travel. I visit 40 countries thanks to the locations of my military bases. It is good to travel. People who travel the world. They understand all people are good and be careful. I wished I took more pictures today. A photo can take us back to the good places and people we have known.

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